Not long ago, we decided to focus on the good things in our lives as it seemed they were all around us. Creating this website was the first step in that decision; it was the first step in giving back.

Similarly, there is a growing movement in our country towards positivity and spirituality. It can be seen in music, movies, art, literature and even politics. People are looking for more than material fulfillment.

In fact, recent academic research confirmed our strongly held personal beliefs. Professors at two esteemed colleges conducted some tests with adults and children centering around the philosophy of giving thanks daily. Not surprisingly, their results supported the notion that by appreciating what you have rather than that which you don’t helps both body and soul weather life’s ups and downs.

Many of the world’s major religions hold this theory in high regard. From Cicero to Buddha, philosophers and spiritual teachers have celebrated gratitude. Various verses in the Bible support the notion of gratitude. There is a telling proverb from the Jewish holy book that asks, “Who is rich? Those who rejoice in their own lot” (Pirkei Avot 4:1).

Gratitude Banks are a simple way to start taking these ideals to heart. We have many more ideas on how to foster positivity, love and thankfulness. As time goes on, we hope that you’ll continue to visit us, learn more about gratitude and share your thoughts with the greater community.

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